The Expanding Wilderness

In this Wilderness, things grow wild!

(FREE product) A playground for growth, vore, weight gain, and other shenanigans.

(this is a FREE product)
In this Wilderness, things grow wild!

A magical experiment gone awry left an entire continent blanketed in a magical field that alters the rules of biology, causing everything to grow fast and large, and transform in interesting ways. Like a Bermuda Triangle on an interstellar scale, the Expanding Wilderness draws in fresh victims from worlds far away, where they are thrust into the violent and hungry life of the jungle.

The Expanding Wilderness is a short (6-page) PDF describing the setting in which several stories and comics take place. It describes the history, rules, and locations of the setting, a handful of the most common species and factions that can be found there, as well as a few recent developments.

This is a work in progress. If there is interest in this setting, or if people have suggestions for additions or improvements, I can expand on it later. (Obviously I can't alter the canon of stories and comics that already happened.) I am eager for feedback!

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